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Which is the main focus at SpazioCodice?

Enterprise Architectures and Software Quality. We constantly work in the continuous improvement of our code and design quality standards.

What about the technical specialisation areas?

REST / GRAPHQL API layers, Enteprise and Search Infrastructures, Scaling, Performance, Continuous Development, Integration and Delivery

What about the expertise in products and framework?

We have a proven experience on the following: Apache Lucene, Apache Solr, Elasticsearch, Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, Apache Storm, Spring Framework, Apache Camel

What about programming languages?

The main programming language used is Java, then Scala and Clojure

What is the Exploration & Discovery Package?

A short-term analysis package (usually three days) that focuses on a specific issue, change request or improvement area. The deliverable consists of a document that details all findings about the investigated topic, what needs to be done, what can be improved and what works as expected. A follow-up project is not required; however, in that case, the whole exploration package is free of charge as it costs will be included in the project.

Ok, how can I involve you?

We provide two different ways to collaborate: a (usually 3 weeks) Sprint based approach, or an on-demand daily package. Feel free to contact us; we’ll have a call and discuss your needs together.

Thoughts on Coding

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