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Apache Solr: “Exact Match” BATH compliant field

Apache Solr: “Exact Match” BATH compliant field If you want to expose a Z3950 interface for an Information Retrieval sooner or later you will meet the BATH profile, which is basically a set of rules that promotes standards behaviours between Z3950 servers. Aims of those specification is to determine a list of searches (fields, attributes) […]

Apache Qpid Committer!

Apache Qpid Committer! It happened about a couple of months ago…I became an Apache Committer for Apache Qpid project  (http://qpid.apache.org)! “Just a brief note, we have voted Andrea on as a committer, all the accounts and details havebeen completed and he now has Karma! A warm welcome to the team Andrea.”   I developed a JMX […]

IF-LESS code : (Yet Another Time) the State Pattern

State and Strategy Design Patterns in Action