Open Source

We are software passionates and we spend a relevant amount of time in creating, improving and contributing to open-source software. Open-source software forms the basis of our solutions: proven tools and frameworks available nowadays, without any license or download fee.

Here’s a list of public repositories we contributed to / created. We keep working on them as part of our daily Research & Development effort. 


SolRDF: Apache Solr + RDF

SolRDF (i.e. Solr + RDF) is a set of Apache Solr extensions for managing (index and search) RDF data.

The main purpose of SolRDF is to create an open-sourcescalable, fulltext-enabled triple store that provides SPARQL 1.1 protocol and fulltext search capabilities.

Rated Ranking Evaluator

The Rated Ranking Evaluator (RRE) is a search quality evaluation tool which evaluates the quality of results of a search infrastructure.

It supports Apache Solr and Elasticsearch search-based infrastructures. It also provides extension points for adding new metrics and custom search platforms.


CumulusRDF is an RDF store on a cloud-based architecture. CumulusRDF provides a REST API with CRUD operations to manage RDF data.

The current version uses Apache Cassandra as storage backend.

Apache Qpid

Apache Qpid™ makes messaging tools that speak AMQP and support many languages and platforms.

Our CEO, Andrea Gazzarini, is an Apache Qpid Committer.  

Apache Solr Composite Request Handler

An Apache Solr component that allows to create a search workflow on top of a single search request.

Each handler in the chain controls the transition to the next handler.

Apache Solr Quantity Detection Plugin

The idea behind this Apache Solr plugin is the following: it detects the quantities (i.e. the amounts and the corresponding units) in a user query. Then, once quantities are isolated from the other query terms, they will be used for boosting up products “matching” those quantities.

Thougths On Coding

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