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Identity Management with Keycloak

Identity Management with Keycloak Back in the days when those of my generation were wild, young and free (I’m laughing), whenever programming a web application the first thing we had to think of was the authentication. Each time it was kind of a struggle: prevent SQL injections and other kind of attacks, store user profiles […]

GraphQL Custom Directives

Within this article we will explore how to implement custom GraphQL directives to protect content from exposure through your API.

GraphQL, REST: Take the Best of Both

Lessons learned, thoughts, about GraphQL and REST, the two most popular API paradigms

URIs 303 redirection for the Semantic Web

The Semantic Web was envisioned by Tim Berners-Lee as a Web made of data that machines could process.

In this article we are going to see how to use URI’s 303 Redirection to make resources available to machines and humans.

Spark SQL: Partitions and Sizes

Data fetching parallelisation in Apache Spark through Spark SQL / JDBC.
PartitionColumn, lowerBound, upperBound, numPartitions and a lot of other parameters: how do they work?

Apache Solr Atomic Updates: a Polymorphic Approach

In this post we describe an approach to solve the problem of an application that requires both Full and Atomic Updates, using one of the powerful concepts in Object Oriented Programming: Polymorphism.

Synonyms and Stopwords: Vademecum

A walkthrough around Synonyms and Stopwords usage scenarios.

Examples can be applied both to Apache Solr and Elasticsearch.

Still Synonyms + Stopwords?? Mamma mia!

Second rendez-vous about Synonyms and Stopwords usage.

Examples can be applied to Apache Solr or Elasticsearch

Synonyms + Stopwords?? OMG!

Synonyms and Stopwords: Oh My God! Is that so hard to manage both of them? Which crazy scenarios can I meet?

Let’s continue our investigation around this topic.

Apache Solr/Elasticsearch: How to Manage Multi-term Concepts out of the Box?

This blog post will address a very specific and common problem : how to manage entities/concepts composed by multiple terms in a vanilla Apache Solr/Elasticsearch instance.