Towards a scalable Solr-based RDF Store

Towards a scalable Solr-based RDF Store SolRDF (i.e. Solr + RDF) is a set of Solr extensions for managing (index and search) RDF data. In a preceding post I described how to quickly set-up a standalone SolRDF instance in two minutes; in this post I’ll describe how to run SolRDF in a simple cluster. The […]

RDF in Solr: HowTo

RDF in Solr: HowTo The Solr built-in UpdateRequestHandler supports several formats of input data. It delegates the actual data loading to a specific ContentStreamLoader, depending on the content type of the incoming request (i.e. the Content-type header of the HTTP request). Currently, these are the available content types declared in the UpdateRequestHandler class: application/xml or text/xml application/json or text/json application/csv or text/csv application/javabin So, a client […]