GraphQL Custom Directives

graphQL custom directives

Within this article we will explore how to implement custom GraphQL directives to protect content from exposure through your API.

Indexing At Scale


This article describes a design of a mediation layer that implements a hybrid search API through GraphQL.

RDF in Solr: HowTo

RDF in Solr: HowTo

The Solr built-in UpdateRequestHandler supports several formats of input data. It delegates the actual data loading to a specific ContentStreamLoader, depending on the content type of the incoming request (i.e., the Content-type header of the HTTP request). Currently, these are the available content types declared in the UpdateRequestHandler class: application/xml or text/xml application/json or text/json application/csv or text/csv application/javabin So, a client has several options […]

Integration tests with jena-nosql and Cassandra

Integration tests with jena-nosql and Cassandra

Integration tests with jena-nosql and Cassandra In this post I will illustrate the integration tests infrastructure I used for the jena-nosql project on my GitHub account. The core of the project itself is not associated with a specific storage, so a set of integration tests that run towards a (mini)instance of a not-well-known target storage […]

Apache Solr: “Exact Match” BATH compliant field

exact match

If you want to expose a Z3950 interface for an Information Retrieval sooner or later you will meet the BATH profile, which is basically a set of rules that promotes standards behaviours between Z3950 servers. Aims of those specification is to determine a list of searches (fields, attributes) that should be supported by a Z3950 […]